Test your geography with 'Geoguessr'

Google Maps has always been any traveller/pedestrian/lost soul’s best friend. But when a new online game gets released, which checks to see if you really know your way around the world, a lot of bruised egos may be left in the wake.

Geoguessr is based on the Street View mode of Google Maps and focuses on getting you to feel as lost as you possibly can. Geoguessr leaves you on a random street in a remote part of the world, with almost no reference point. So, while one image shows you standing on a beautiful beach looking out at a calm ocean, another one can leave you standing in the middle of a dusty road with only a sand dune for company. The game also gives you the option of sharing on social networking sites, the images you have guessed the locations off.

While looking at the images the game shows, you have to guess with accuracy as to where you are. The game has five levels, after which it ends and gives you a player scoreboard with your results. While the game does not have an inbuilt leadership board to test your scores against your friends and fellow travellers, there are a lot of takers for this game.

Keep guessing from a variety of locations across the globe

Keep guessing from a variety of locations across the globe


The fun aspect of the game comes with the selection of locations that the game gives to you. A confident guess can leave you smacking your head, as a beautifully cobbled street which you think is in the U.K. turns out to be the capital city of Latvia. And that is where the addictive attributes of the game come to light.

While there are many theories about how the game can be beaten, the best way to play the game is to just play it. Relax, trust your gut instinct and if your guess comes wrong, try again. Just try not to have an audience around when you’re making your guesses.  

Published Date: May 16, 2013 16:10 PM | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 16:10 PM