Televisions may be dead in five years

The idiot box might go away in another five years, says BusinessInsider. A report by Credit Suisse states that it's the youth who aren’t willing to pay for paid cable and satellite TV services will be the reason for the demise of TVs. An estimated 200,000 users in the U.S will not subscribe to cable and DTH service this coming year. TV penetration in the U.S still is pretty high. but there has been a been a drop of roughly one percent, which still makes up for a lot of users. One can take a hint from the use of hard-wired telephones in the U.S, that has taken a massive hit in the past and this trend may follow for televisions as well. It took roughly five years for use of landline telephones to collapse. There’s an estimated 33 percent of users who have a landline in their homes in the U.S. Mobile phones have taken over and very few users continue to actively use their landlines. 

The end maybe near, if internet streaming picks up pace

The end maybe near (Image credit: Getty Images)



The move away from DTH and cable TV services may come as popularity of internet TV services and media consumption devices, such as tablets and internet streaming devices increases. Here in India, the death of television may not not come in five years, as broadband penetration and adoption of other media streaming boxes is just picking up pace. Currently, broadband charges are still high and the idea of using the internet for streaming media has not taken off yet.

Published Date: Dec 03, 2011 01:59 pm | Updated Date: Dec 03, 2011 01:59 pm