Technology can bring revolutionary changes in the education sector: Ram Madhav

There would be "revolutionary changes" in the education sector with the use of technology and the Internet in the future, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said today, and asked whether teachers were ready to face the challenge.

Ram Madhav. CNN News 18

Ram Madhav. CNN News 18

"Ten years from now, you will be seeing a totally different education in the world. There won't be classrooms anymore. You need to have online teachers. It is going to be totally different scenario...Are our teachers ready for that?" he asked.

Mahdav was addressing a gathering on Vision India-New India, organised by the National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF) at Delhi University.

First class institutions can be created only when there are first class teachers, he said, adding that the Indian education system will improve but it will take some time.

"There are many of you who have nothing to do with modern technology. I know many professors who cannot operate a mobile phone," he said, adding the situation is like turning an elephant.

"Elephant cannot take an about-turn. They have to turn slowly and guided in the right direction...we are doing," he added.

Madhav, however, said the entire education system cannot be termed as failure as India has produced some of the world-class institutions such as IISc, Bangalore, and the IITs.

To a query over an allegation of lack of employment by opposition parties, he said there was some "stress" in the job market but the situation was not so grave, otherwise, there would be protests on roads.

Published Date: Nov 25, 2017 10:31 AM | Updated Date: Nov 25, 2017 10:31 AM