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Not too long to go for Samsung Premier 2013 in London, where we expect an extended showcase for some of the recent announcements in the company’s Galaxy range of smartphones. But that’s not all: Samsung’s invite very clearly stated that this will be an event where the Galaxy brand will have to share the limelight with the Ativ range of devices. So what else does Samsung have up its sleeve?

What's coming at Samsung Premiere?

What's coming at Samsung Premiere?


Let’s start with the easier guesses. Samsung has already announced many of its Galaxy S4 variants for 2013, i.e., the Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 Active and S4 Zoom, and even the Galaxy Ace 3. Samsung Premiere will be a longer showcase for the phones, with Samsung going into even greater detail about their specs and features. We may also get an indication of their price, launch dates and, of course, which countries they will launch in.

There could be one or two surprises in store for us. What about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Too early for Samsung’s flagship phablet to be unveiled? Yes, it’s more likely that the Note 3 will be announced at IFA in September. But, we never say never.

In the Ativ range, in all likelihood, we will see new Haswell-powered ultrabooks, hybrids and tablets. We could also see Samsung going for some of Nokia’s market share by announcing a new line-up of Windows Phone 8 devices, which have not really seen so much attention from the Korean company.

Whatever it is, we don’t have to wait too long to find out.


11:30 - We begin on time

Samsung Premiere kicks off bang on time with a spiffy-looking animated video featuring paper cutouts. And now here's DJ Lee to start things off.


11:33pm - Recap

Lee talks about the recent launches of the S4 variants. Check out the links above for all the recent announcements.

A recap of the S4 Zoom's Xenon flash

A recap of the S4 Zoom's Xenon flash



11:37pm - New hardware

Lee unveils Ativ Q, a dual-booting tablet. It runs Android and Windows. Then there's Ativ Tab 3, the world's slimmest Windows tablet.

The Ativ Q tablet runs Android and Windows 8

The Ativ Q tablet runs Android and Windows 8



11:41pm - A whole range of PCs

Several new PCs in the Ativ line-up including one all-in-one and three laptops. All very Samsung-looking and the company's gone for a nearly all-white colour palette.


11:43pm - A surprise

Lee just pulled a surprise on the audience. Presenting the Samsung Galaxy NX, an Android-based mirrorless camera. We'll get to see more about all these products one-by-one.

A cavernous venue and a huge audience

A cavernous venue and a huge audience



11:47pm - Another recap

The MC and a Samsung exec are now giving us another look at some of the recent smartphone launches. A litte tiresome considering much of the huge audience has already seen some of these phones during the earlier announcements.


11:51pm - New shades

Well, here's something new. The Galaxy S4 is getting new colours - purple, red, blue, brown and pink! It's a very colourful set.


11:57pm - NX time!
Here's the Galaxy NX, Samsung's Android-based mirrorless camera. It's dressed all in black (we would have hated to see this bathed in white). First impression? Bulky.


Samsung Galaxy NX!

Samsung Galaxy NX!




12:00am - A weird idea

"The world's first interchangeable lens Android camera with 4G LTE." 20.3-megapixel sensor. Fully compatible with other Samsung NX lenses. 13 of them and a few new ones to go with the Galaxy NX.


12:02am - Android and power

That's Android 4.2.2 running under a modified TouchWiz. A 4.8-inch display on the back and a 1.6GHZ quad-core processor. And of course, plenty of photography modes.


12:03am - Moving on to Ativ

It's time for Windows 8 (and a bit of Android) as we move on to PCs, tablets. More popup book animation.



Ativ family




12:05am - Convertible

The Ativ Q has a 13.3-inch display and it opens up in slider fashion to reveal the keyboard. The resolution is a crazy 3200 x 1800 pixels. Looks great on the video.



That keyboard could be nightmarish




12:08am - True dual-boot

This thing switches between Android and Windows like it's no trouble at all. You can pin Android apps to the Windows Start Screen. And it's Haswell-powered. Comes with the S-Pen (of course!). This one is a super-slim slider. We don't like the thought of typing on that keyboard.


Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is really slim and still runs full Windows 8

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is really slim and still runs full Windows 8



12:10am - Slim and runs full Windows 8

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is super slim and looks very shiny. It runs full Windows 8 and not RT. As a bonus, Samsung gives you free MS Office 2013.


12:15am - Laptops galore

Samsung just ran through the laptops section. From what we could gather there's Ativ Book 9 and Ativ Book 9 Lite. The Book 9 comes with 12-hour battery life and has the same panel as the Ativ Q. That's an eye-bleeding 3200x1800 resolution. The Book 9 Lite is crazy and has a more conservative (cheaper?) 1366x768, 13.3-inch panel.



Samsung's killing it with these high-res displays




12:19am - All-in-one

And finally the Ativ One 5 Style, which gets the award for the craziest name. It's all over the place, Samsung. But it features the same design language as Samsung's other products today. And comes with equally powerful specs.



Samsung's Windows all-in-one can't shake off the Galaxy influence




That's all folks. We'll be bringing you coverage of all the biggest stories from tonight throughout the day. Stay tuned to tech2.

Published Date: Jun 20, 2013 07:58 pm | Updated Date: Jun 20, 2013 07:58 pm