Tata Communications to transform live F1 broadcasts

Tata Communications is making new inroads into the racing arena with its latest deal with Formula One motor racing. As part of this new technology partnership with F1, Tata Communications will make use of its undersea cables, along with its IT networks to facilitate data and video transfer from current F1 locations around the world. Terms related to financing and other details of the partnership haven't been disclosed, as of now, but Tata will now also host the Formula1.com website in this new multiple year deal. 


Going places!

Going places!




“Formula 1 wants to transform the way it broadcasts the races and we can and will be a big part of it,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO of Tata Communications. With this deal Tata will definitely become a big part of all upcoming F1 operations. It's not one of those deals where Tata will see its names on F1 cars, banners or suits, but it's pretty massive in its own sweet way. "Brand recognition is a challenge for someone like us," Kumar said at a news conference in London where he meted out details about this new partnership with Formula One head honcho, Bernie Ecclestone. He also mentioned that, "There is no better brand for us to associate ourselves with", whilst mentioning that Tata had its sights set on golf and tennis before switching to Formula One. "If we can do it for Formula One, we can do it for anyone else," he said. Naturally, there will be millions and billions of hard cash flowing around with a deal like this and Kumar confirms that. "It's a lot of money," he said, when asked about financial details. Under Ecclestone's regime, Formula One's viewership has grown in leaps and bounds and its one of the most viewed sports in recent times. 


At the event, Ecclestone said, "We've been a little bit asleep to this type of communications. It's nothing to do with sponsorship. We were offered a service that we need." He's truly revolutionized Formula One with his exploits in the media and entertainment genre and this could be another milestone in the making, in Formula One's history. India does feature on the Formula One radar and it did have a pretty exciting first race in October, last year. Due to that success, it's going to be part of this year's calendar as well. Ecclestone also mentioned that he was impressed with the amount of progress and advancement Formula One has made in India in the recent past. That actually might hold true as well considering Formula One was largely unheard of more than 5-6 years back, in large parts of the country. This time, it's Tata and F1 making the headlines, though. 

Published Date: Feb 24, 2012 05:33 pm | Updated Date: Feb 24, 2012 05:33 pm