Taliban Joins Twitter

Twitter has a lot of users - you would expect to see movie stars, sports stars and celebrities tweet about their day to day lives.

Ridin' and tweetin'

Ridin' and tweetin' Image Source: longwarjournal.com



But one would not expect the see the Taliban tweet about various topics. The Taliban, who are known to strictly disallow all forms for modern technology have surprisingly embraced this form of communication. Their twitter feed account, called ‘@alemarahweb’  pushes a good number of tweets per day which report about various operations undertaken by the US, Afghan and NATO forces.

While almost all of their tweets are in Pashtu, there are some in English which are linked to websites who report such activities. The most recent tweet in English says, “8 local minions killed, 7 wounded in Kunduz province”. The many of the tweets link to the Taliban’s Official Site, which is often pulled down by the concerned authorities.

The twitter account has over 2,800 followers, while following tweets from ‘@AfghanHeroesUK’, which is a charity, formed to support British Joint Forces in Afghanistan as well as supporting the soldier’s homes. It also surprisingly follows ‘@AfghanECC’, which stands for Afghanistan Educational Children Circus. The institution helps children receive education via entertainment and cultural activities.


Via: The Guardian

Published Date: May 13, 2011 08:25 pm | Updated Date: May 13, 2011 08:25 pm