Take your iPhone 20 feet below with Keystone ECO MarineCase

Shooting with the iPhone underwater would be a dream come true for us scuba divers and amateur iPhoneographers. While this new iPhone case won't go more than 20 feet below, it's a start to the process of taking our phones down deep. The case comes from Concord Keystone and is called the Keystone ECO MarineCase. You can use it on your iPhone 4 or 4S till 20 feet (around 6 meters) below the surface. Which means that it comes in handy for people who enjoy snorkeling, fishing and rafting, or even while hanging out in the pool to send a text message or take a picture underwater. 




The case covers the full screen of the iPhone and is made of silicon. It supports the full functionality of the iPhone, in particular, all the touch gestures. What this means is that you can still use your iPhone to make calls, send text messages, shoot photos and videos, take notes or possibly even play Angry Birds underwater. The case also completely protects the phone from sand, so you can use your phone at the beach, even if you're not going into the water.


The creators of this water protecting iPhone case say that it is not a case to be used at all times. Just like you change into your bathing suit before taking a dip in the ocean or a pool, you have to switch your iPhone out between a regular case (or no case at all) into the water proof case. This process might be workable with controlled environments, such as when you go swimming or snorkeling, however, such a case would also be nice to have available when it's raining. 


The case comes with a neckstrap and is available in two colours - black and white. The video above is a demonstration of the case in action, showing a sea turtle filmed with an iPhone cased in the Keystone ECO MarineCase. The cases are available on Amazon for $39.99 (approx Rs.2,054). This case is actually quite a deal when you compare it to underwater housings for even basic cameras like the Flip. Granted, those underwater housings can go to much deeper than 20 feet. 


If you need to brush up on your underwater photography, here is our article showing you the basics. At 20 feet of water, you will start losing some of the reds in your shots or footage, so an app like Camera+, which will add a red filter to your shot is helpful. Alternatively, you can use flash in your shots. Your flash will throw white light on your subject, which will balance out the colours. If you're into using your iPhone for video, check out our basic pointers for shooting video underwater. The nice thing about this case, unlike housings, is that you don't have to worry about an O-ring, which usually works to seal cases. And of course, don't forget to enjoy your underwater adventures. 

Published Date: Apr 10, 2012 06:00 pm | Updated Date: Apr 10, 2012 06:00 pm