Take Homework Seriously

On an average I spend a little over two and a half hours getting to work and back every day. While the average for my city, Mumbai, is about one and a half hours, it does mean that a lot of people are spending a considerable amount of time in places they would rather not be. The averages for the rest of the country are no better. The worldwide average commuting time is a whopping 1 hour 20 minutes per person per day.

While the mathematics of lost productivity would be too tedious to calculate, I think all of you do understand the colossal waste of time that it takes for us to get to our offices. Add to that transportation and ecological costs…and the fact that commuting time is increasingly rapidly and you understand why commuting is almost a cuss word for most of us.

The solution to this nightmare has been with us for years now...telecommuting. The technology has been available for years and in fact gets more robust and usable with each passing year. Yet, as a community, we seem to shy away from adapting flexible working environments. Our desire to get to a place of work is almost as addictive as any narcotic out there, and like the narcotic, it has dangerous implications, in terms of time lost, ecological disaster and sheer stress-related illnesses that is sending more business to urban doctors than they can handle.

Published Date: Jul 10, 2010 11:02 am | Updated Date: Jul 10, 2010 11:02 am