StumbleUpon to disable review customisations

StumbleUpon, the popular web search engine variant, better referred to as a discovery engine announced a few major changes to its website, recently. Come October 24th, 2011, a couple of StumbleUpon features - photoblogs, themes, groups will be discontinued.  This simply means that with effect from October 24, 2011, users, while still being able to write reviews, won't be able to add images to them. Additionally, they won't be able to add HTML, or themes to their reviews. So, basically, users will be deprived of any customizations, whatsoever, from the scheduled date next month. All reviews bearing any customizations, be it images, or themes will be changed back to its original plain text review self, as per the FAQ on the site. 





Taking the above decision must've been difficult for StumbleUpon, which has a userbase of approximately 15 million. However, according to its makers, it will now look at concentrating and considerably improving on facets it is naturally good at, like social discovery and recommendations, and that the discontinuation of the above mentioned services is just a way to move stop 'trying to be like' Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or MySpace. 


What do you think about this move of StumbleUpon?

Published Date: Sep 26, 2011 04:12 pm | Updated Date: Sep 26, 2011 04:12 pm