Story Within a Story is the new mystery leading up to the PureView launch

Few moments ago, while monitoring the site, the mystery of the mysterious countdown clock revealed itself… it’s another mystery. Only this, Nokia has orchestrated quite deliberately in the form a promotional scenario for their upcoming Pureview 808 smartphone. 


An apparent contest has been set up on the site now, which features a series of images that will be revealed over the course of the next 6 days. Clues on what to look for in these images will be revealed daily with the new image and contestants can enter via their FB, Twitter or Google accounts. 


The ‘Seven Day’ photo options could be an indicator of the launch of the handset, however seeing that the speculation over this handset has been overwhelming and quite incorrect on many accounts, we’re choosing to sit on the fence about the timeline. However, as we mentioned before, we were informed by reliable sources that we can expect the handset to launch in the next couple of weeks, so we’re sticking to that. The countdown issue was obviously leading up to this scavenger hunt of sorts. While the site was in a state of ‘flux’ for most of the morning, the ‘Story Within a Story’ scenario came up only a little while ago at about 10 am this morning. 

Mystery within a mystery

Mystery within a mystery



Under the ‘rewards’ tab, you’ll get a glimpse of what you stand to win after the stipulated period of the contest has lapsed. Prizes range from the Nokia 808 PureView (3 pieces), of course to Nokia’s NFC enabled Bluetooth speakers i.e. the Nokia Play 360 (7 to be given out – one each day), Nokia’s Purity HD stereo headset (7 pieces – one each day) and 35 passes will go out (5 a day) to the next b.l.o.t. event. 


It’s been an interesting, to say the least, way to get consumer's attention to their new flagship product, but Nokia will have to make absolutely sure that the handset lives up to the kind of hype that’s been generated around it. Why Nokia decided to go with their Belle OS, instead of WP7 for this handset is a big question mark, especially when the Symbian OS hasn’t been faring as well, as it used to. To take on the likes of Android devices, like the Xperia S with its 12MP camera and the HTC One X, LAVA Xolo and the Galaxy S III all sporting hi-res cameras with super speed burst modes and other options, Nokia will have to make sure the PureView 808’s camera goes above and beyond what already exists. 


After checking out some of the sample shots from the device, we’re fairly certain that the PureView 808 is a capable handset in this domain. But Belle just might prove to be a deterrent for the Android/iOS loving community, if it comes to changing over. 

Published Date: Jun 06, 2012 11:04 am | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2012 11:04 am