Stephen Elop - Support for Symbian to Continue at Least Till 2016

In a recent interview with Nokia’s own “Conversations” Blog, top man, Stephen Elop (President, CEO) came forward to address a few concerns that Symbian users the world over were worried about. Since Nokia and Microsoft tied the knot this year, the big question on every Symbian users mind was what about continued support for the old platform? Elop’s response has undoubtedly clarified that - software updates, support and other services for Symbian phones will continue “at least up to 2016”.


Nokia is desperately clinging to a legacy of being, at one point of time, the biggest, baddest player in the mobile segment and with their tie up MS for WP7 devices, due to make it out this year, they could see a big comeback. To enunciate this better Elop stated in his interview - “We have to go faster and harder and more aggressively now than we’ve ever gone before because of the competition,” said Stephen. He also announced that Nokia Beijing will be a new global innovation base for the company. Beijing is not only one of the four major R&D bases for Windows Phone 7, but will also be the global R&D center for the S30 and S40 platforms.

How much more is really the question

How much more is really the question


Anyway you look at it, Nokia is looking to come back bigger and stronger in this next year and beyond. To keep their current users happy or at the very least, try and keep them interested Nokia has launched an all new campaign that’s posted all across their Indian website called – iDoalotmore. It’s a campaign to show users just how “user-friendly” their current and upcoming devices will be. With the entry of the iPhone 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S II making their way into the Indian space, it’s difficult to see how they’ll fare with this endeavour. Still can’t blame them for trying.

Published Date: May 28, 2011 12:25 pm | Updated Date: May 28, 2011 12:25 pm