Stellar announces new version of Drive Toolbox

Stellar, a well-acclaimed name in the field of data recovery tools and disk utilities today announced the upgraded version of famous Stellar Drive ToolBox. Stellar Drive ToolBox v2 helps you to manage and maintain your Mac. Stellar Data Recovery is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in data recovery and disk utilities software and in-lab data recovery services. This allows you to save considerable time, security and enjoy peace of mind. The all new version contains twelve must have disk utilities that have been vastly improved and is now 30 percent more efficient. Stellar is also offering a free bonus tool, Data Encryptor, that lets you secure and protect your confidential files. Stellar Drive ToolBox V2.0 is available for immediate download at a price point of Rs.4,500.

New additions to the software

New additions to the software


At the launch Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Information Systems Ltd. said “We often come across day to day system issues such as spinning beach ball, slow & sluggish system, data loss while resizing partitions, trouble in migration to new system, or data privacy concerns. Drive ToolBox2 answers this need totally and helps you to perform maintenance tasks at home saving your time and precious dollars.” Drive ToolBox2 consists updated disk utilities like: 


  • Speedup Mac – is used to optimize hard drive and volume by stacking all the files and folders together to create free space at the end
  • Benchmark - is a very useful Mac OS X performance utility that enables you to compare your system with other systems.
  • Drive Clone - is a very useful option that can be used to clone a hard drive in order to copy all of its contents.
  • Partition Manager -  is a tool that optimizes hard drive and volume by stacking all the files and folders together to create free space at the end
  • File Wipe - is used to wipe off different types of data from the drive in such a manner that it cannot be recovered using a data recovery software.
  • Volume Repair -  is used to repair Mac volumes. It does this by verifying the Mac volume for errors, and repairing the errors found in the Mac volume.
  • Drive Initialize -  enables you to format Mac drive so that it can be used in a Macintosh-supported system.
  • Drive Performance - is used to judge the performance of the Mac drive.
  • Raw Data Editor -   is used to read and modify the file structure of the volumes in the hard drive. Before doing any modifications in the file structure, you should make sure to clone the volume so that you can restore the hard drive, in case some mishap.
  • Drive Stats - is used to judge the performance of the Mac drive. This Mac drive performance tool analyzes and evaluates the Mac hard drive and volume for its speed. After analyzing the system speed, one can infer whether the system is efficient enough or not.
  • Surface Scan -  is used to scan the hard disk for any type of blocks-related errors. This Mac surface scan utility scans the hard disk or volume and provides the information of the sectors and the block size.

In addition the ToolBox comes with a Bonus utility “Data Encryptor” that allows you to secure and protect sensitive files by encrypting them with a password. Drive ToolBox is a DIY tool and offers you a demo to experience the utilities before your purchase. Drive ToolBox2 supports OS X Lion and older versions.

Published Date: Jan 23, 2012 01:26 pm | Updated Date: Jan 23, 2012 01:26 pm