Steam May Come to Mobile Phones

Mobiles and tablets are the future and game developers have already realized that. It looks like Valve might consider getting their game and content distribution system Steam to mobiles, as well. Valve will decide to make the move if there is sufficient demand for the product on popular mobile platforms.

Waiting on feedback to flip the switch

Waiting on feedback to flip the switch


Valve VP, Doug Lombardi did admit that they were late to enter the mobile market. Valve isn’t the only one working on a system on the mobile platform. Microsoft launched their Xbox Live on their Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. Their service allows for interaction between the Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 smartphones and also PC games on the Windows operating system. There were also rumors that Valve would be bringing games ot the mobile platform on the Source engine. Gabe Newell denied such plans and instead, pointed developers out to Epic Games for their Unreal Engine on mobile phones. Valve themselves have started some level of Steam-PSN setup going with the launch of their latest Portal 2 title.


Source: Tom's Hardware

Published Date: May 09, 2011 05:35 pm | Updated Date: May 09, 2011 05:35 pm