Steam kicks off Holiday Sale

Steam, well known for its legendary sales on games, has kicked off its Holiday Sale. The sale is in celebration of Christmas and has many major games for cheaper prices. The games up for sale change every day.

Today's games are Wargame: European Escalation for $9.99 instead of $39.99, Prince of Persia for $2.49 instead of $9.99, Scribblenauts Unlimited for $20.09 instead of $29.99, Mirror's Edge for $4.99 instead of $19.99, games from the Hitman franchise having 50-75 percent discount and games from the Borderlands franchise having 50-75 percent discount.

Games like Mirror's Edge are available for cheap

Games like Mirror's Edge are available for cheap


The sale also has Flash Sales for limited time. The current games in the Flash Sales are Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $4.99 instead of $19.99, Art Rage Studio Pro for $20.39 instead of $59.99, Doom 3 BFG Edition for $14.99 instead of $29.99, Farming Simulator 2013 for $14.99 instead of $29.99, I Am Alive for $5.09 instead of $14.99, and the starter pack for AirMech for $2.49 instead of $9.99. The game up for sale through a community vote at the time of writing is The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for $2.49 instead of $9.99.

The previous sale held by Steam was the Autumn Sale, which lasted till November 26. Some of games up for sale during the first day of the Autumn Sale were XCOM: Enemy unknown costing $33.49 instead of $44.99, Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 costing $4.99 instead of $9.99, The Walking Dead costing $12.49 instead of $24.99, Darksiders II costing $16.99 instead of $49.99, Age of Empires III: Complete costing $9.99 instead of $39.99 and Terraria costing $3.39 instead of $9.99.

The Autumn Sale also had Flash Deals, which included games like Intrusion 2 costing $3.39 instead of $9.99, The Amazing Spider-Man costing $24.99 instead of $49.99, Dear Esther costing $2.49 instead of $9.99, Two Worlds II costing $7.49 instead of $29.99 and Dungeon Defenders costing $3.74 instead of $14.99.

Back in October, Steam had kicked off its Halloween sale. The Halloween sale mostly included games in the horror genre, or games with some or the other morbid elements. Some of the biggest games that were up for sale included The Darkness II for $12.49 instead of $49.99, Dead Rising 2 for $7.49 instead of $29.99 and The Walking Dead for $14.99 instead of $24.99. Other games in the sale include Alan Wake, Lone Survivor, and BioShock 2.

Before the Halloween sale, the last major sale held by Steam was the annual Steam Summer Sale. The games on the last day of the Steam Summer Sale were Serious Sam 3: BFE, selling for $9.99 instead of $39.99; Saint’s Row The Third, selling for $12.49 instead of $49.99; Trine 2, selling for $3.74 instead of $14.99; The Walking Dead Series, selling for $14.99 instead of $24.99; The Darkness II, selling for $12.49 instead of $49.99; Hitman: Blood Money, selling for $2.49 instead of $9.99; and the Indie Bundle IV.

Published Date: Dec 21, 2012 17:15 PM | Updated Date: Dec 21, 2012 17:15 PM