Square Enix's new domains hint at another Deus Ex game

It looks like there's another Deus Ex game in the offing. According to Eurogamer, Square Enix has registered three domain names related to the franchise. The company was last week found to have registered a domain for something called Deus Ex: Human Defiance, which turned out to be related to a movie based on the franchise. This time around, the company has been found registering the domain names DeusExTheFall.com, DeusExTheFall.co.uk, and DeusExTheFall.net.

While the domains may be related to an upcoming enhanced “Special Edition” of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you'd think the company would stick to the more recognisable Human Revolution moniker instead of opting for a new one. In light of this, The Fall seems more likely to be a new game in the franchise.

If it is a new game, there is a very high probability that we will be getting a new protagonist instead of Adam Jensen, as he dies in one of the possible endings of Human Revolution.

Chillin like a villain

He didn't ask for this...


It would also be interesting to see where the new game would fit in the Deus Ex chronology, since Human Revolution is meant to be the sequel to the first Deus Ex. While the original had sophisticated augmentation technology consisting of nanobots, Human Revolution portrays the early days of the tech with its big and ugly body-part replacements. It is possible that The Fall could bridge the gap between Human Revolution and Deus Ex.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released in 2011 as a prequel to the original game. The game takes place during the relative start of the human augmentation era. Besides its great stealth and action gameplay, Human Revolution was also applauded for the multiple routes it allowed you to take through levels.

Human Revolution takes place in the year 2027. While nanotechnology hasn't been developed yet, biomechanical augmentations are considered state of the art. Human civilisation is in a golden age of innovation and advancement, but there is a lot of tension in the populace. Big companies are slowly taking power away from governments, and the difference between the rich and the poor widens. You play the role of Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT who's now in charge of the security detail at Sarif Industries. The game revolves around Jensen looking for the people who attacked Sarif Industries and finding out why.

However, the game did catch a lot of flak for its bad boss fights. Where the original Deus Ex was famous for letting you handle any situation—including boss fights—however you wanted, Human Revolution's boss fights could only be fought in typical FPS fashion.

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Published Date: Mar 06, 2013 05:24 pm | Updated Date: Mar 06, 2013 05:24 pm