Splinter Cell Conviction available for free for LG Optimus 3D users

Own an LG Optimus 3D? Well, there’s some pretty good news for you as Gameloft’s Splinter Cell Conviction is now available for free download on your phone. And it’s not the ‘Lite version or ‘Try n Buy’ version. This is the real deal, the full version of the game! For those of you’ll who still haven’t had a chance to play the Splinter Cell franchise, here’s a quick intro of the game and its details. In Splinter Cell Conviction, you get to play as Sam Fisher, a highly skilled Special Forces operative and fight a corrupt secret agency to get your daughter back. You have to follow a trail of intrigue that leads from Iraq to a high-security building in Washington. Run, jump, fight, and shoot using a handgun, shotgun, AK47 and bazooka, or maintain stealth by improvising with nearby objects. You are now a renegade spy agent; you don't follow any orders except for your own rules of engagement. 


Don't ever call me old again

Stealth action madness! 



Splinter Cell for PC and consoles has been an absolute thriller of a game and now with Splinter Cell Conviction for the Optimus 3D, Gameloft is trying to recreate the same magic for the Optimus 3D. Splinter Cell has been one of the most intriguing stealth games right since its inception in 2002. 10 years down the line and the franchise is still going strong with the introduction of new gameplay, physics, characters and storyline. While Conviction for the Optimus 3D follows the same story as those on the consoles, the experience is naturally a little different between the console and the handheld version. 


Besides Conviction, a few other apps are available for free to download on LG Smart World. These include Phereo 3D Photo that is an app for viewing and sharing 3D photos. Phereo 3D also allows to browse through thousands of 3D images and share your own stereo photos on Phereo.com. This application fully supports their stereoscopic displays and built-in stereo camera. The other game that’s available for free at the moment is Archer Craft S3D where you use your bow to shoot infernal creatures and save the country from the Evil Wizard and his horrible intentions. 


Splinter Cell Conviction for your Optimus 3D can be downloaded from this link. Have any of you guys tried it already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Published Date: Apr 26, 2012 01:08 pm | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2012 01:08 pm