Spike Video Game Awards 2010 Recap

Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) is a cool cat. In fact, he’s one of the few reasons I still watch How I Met your Mother. His over-the-top, humorous portrayal of 'playa' Barney Stinson is without a doubt one of the few saving graces of the show. However, in recent times I’ve got this feeling NPH has forgotten where Barney ends and his real life persona begins. Watching him brag about his awesome life on the show is one thing but seeing him portray the same character over and over again, especially at Spike’s Video Game Awards was just embarrassing.

Step away from the chicken NPH

I do appreciate the fact that Spike have gone ahead and decided to commemorate games with their own award show for games, but does it have to be done in such a childish, brainless way? I get the fact that children like playing games but why stereotype all gamers as dumb, over-grown teenagers who can be easily impressed by washed up celebrities who are high on cocaine? Now I’m not saying all gamers read Shakespeare and listen to Mozart but shouldn’t a gaming award show be about – I don’t know – games?

What is the need to rub annoying celebrities, falsely proclaiming their love for video games, in our faces? I mean would I honestly feel better about myself if I knew director Guillermo del Toro (Blade II) loved games so much he felt he was "born with a controller in his hand"? Would that make us best friends? Would I add him up on Xbox Live and play games with him every day? Or is Spike under the impression that all gamers suffer from low self-esteem? That way, if they see 'cool' celebrities playing games, they won’t feel so bad about their lives.