Sparkle Launches GTX 570 Too

A couple of days ago, we told you about Zotac’s launch of their GTX 570 card . Today, Sparkle followed in their footsteps and announced their release of the Reference model and also an Overclocked version of the card.

Sparkle Sparkle little card

SXX5701280D5NM, the reference model, predictably sports the exact same specifications as the other models. The overclocked version - SXX5701280D5SNM has a slightly higher core clock (752MHz vs. 732MHz), memory clock (3996MHz vs. 3800MHz) and stream processor clock (1504MHz vs 1464MHz).

The GTX 570 is the GTX 470’s spiritual successor and in all likeliness the GTX 480’s practical successor. It carries the GF110 chipset, and like the GTX480, has 480 CUDA cores compared to the 512 in the GTX 580.

The GF110 chipsets offer much higher returns than the Fermis at the same power consumption. So it’s no surprise that the 570 is expected to perform more like the 480 than the 470 – especially since the 570 is, at 732Mhz, clocked marginally higher than the 480 (700Mhz) and much higher than the 470 (607Mhz). At 1464Mhz, the shader clock has also been ramped up, but the memory bus and ROP are identical to the 470.

Specifications galore

So in theory, the 570 should provide an excellent improvement in performance in shaders and texture - and should comfortably beat even the 480 in those areas – but should be limited when memory bandwidth is involved. This is stark contrast to the GTX580 and its balanced outlook.

The Sparkle GTX 570 is priced at Rs. 21,900 and will be available in stores towards the end of December.

Published Date: Dec 10, 2010 05:34 pm | Updated Date: Dec 10, 2010 05:34 pm