Spacesuit Prototype for Mars on A Test Walk in Antarctica

A bunch of NASA researchers recently tested their spacesuit design prototype in freezing Antarctica. The spacesuit design NDX-1 is NASA’s gear for its probable trip to Mars, a cold rock planet.

On a test drive

On a test drive


The temperatures on the surface of Mars is -200 F, whereas the day temperatures can range anywhere from 80 F. Under constant research and development at the University of North Dakota, the space suit prototype was tested in Antarctica under freezing conditions (winds running at 47 miles per hour and freezing polar temperatures). The researchers, by this move, intended to expose the spacesuit prototype to Mars like freezing, isolated conditions.

The $100,000 worth spacesuit has been worked on much, which explains the long, endless list of materials that have been used to make the spacesuit. As much as, 350 materials have been used, including weight reducing carbon fiber and Kevlar.

The team of researchers has been involved in the tests proactively. They used the suit and conducted activities, very similar to what they would on a Mars expedition.

Published Date: Mar 24, 2011 04:45 pm | Updated Date: Mar 24, 2011 04:45 pm