Sony's Music Unlimited Service Coming to PSP, Xperia Play and NGP

Sony’s cloud-based music service, Music Unlimited, will be hitting the PSP, Xperia Play and NGP soon. Currently available on the PlayStation 3, the service will shortly be portable as well, and be available on the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming console, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smartphone and on the Next Generation Portable, the PSP’s successor.

The 3G SKU will cost a pretty penny

Will also have Music on top of everything else


In an interview with Eurogamer, Shawn Layden, executive vice president and CEO of Sony Network Entertainment confirmed the development. "The heart of the offering here is that with the one account you can access this music on your TV, your PS3, your laptop, your Blu-ray player, and have your music follow you wherever you go, rather than having to download all of your music into a device and make that device go with you everywhere," he said.


The Music Unlimited service is part of Qriocity, which is a service eerily similar to the PlayStation Network, but more for portable devices and not limited to gaming. With Sony really pushing cloud services following the launch of the NGP (they even introduced game saving on the cloud in their recent 3.60 firmware update for the PS3), this just seems to be the logical next step.