Sony removes game publishing charges for PlayStation Mobile

In recent times, Sony has been making a big push towards getting more indie developers to develop for its platforms. In an attempt to boost development for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile compatible devices, the company has announced that it has removed the cost of publishing on the platforms. This will undoubtedly bring more developers to the systems because earlier, game makers were required to pay a fee of $99 (approximately Rs 5,349) annually to get their games published.

While this only affects PlayStation Mobile games, it also helps the PlayStation Vita since it can play games developed for PS Mobile-compatible devices. More games on a system is always a good thing, especially considering the fact that one of the biggest criticisms levelled against the Vita is that there are hardly any games for it.

Publishing for PlayStation Mobile is now free

Publishing for PlayStation Mobile is now free


"We are looking forward to seeing your exciting ideas become reality and having fun developing together," says the PlayStation Mobile developer portal. "To help out all the talent out there we thought it would be better to waive the publisher license fee. So we did."

All good things come to an end, however, and the free publishing on PlayStation Mobile is a limited-time offer. The initiative is slated to end by September 2 this year, but the date might change, depending on the popularity of the platform in the coming months.

Sony has been on the offensive when it comes to getting more developers to its platforms. It earlier made AAA game makers happy by announcing that its next-gen console - the PlayStation 4 - will be based on the easy-to-develop-for x86 architecture.