Sony Now Embroiled In a Legal Tangle over PSN Breach

The proverbial dark night just doesn’t seem to get over for Sony. The past week got frighteningly eventful for the company with first an unknown glitch that caused a server outage, and then a data breach that affected the personal details of as many as 77 million users, and now comes a legal sham to top it all.


In the line of fire...



The Rothken Law firm has come forward and filed a federal class action lawsuit case against SCEA on the behalf of those who were affected by the large scale data breach, which is touted as probably the largest ever of its kind. The complaint in question is a detailed 22-page suit accusing Sony of “failure to maintain adequate computer data security of consumer personal data and financial data”.

Among other charges slapped on Sony is the violation of Payment Card Industry Security Standard. This clause clearly mentions that the onus of responsibility of the credit card details let out by the users’ lies with Sony. Yet another allegation on Sony was that in addition to the breach, the company also failed to notify its users before time about the possibility of such breach, and thereby qualifying it for practicing unfair means to conduct business.

The law firm now demands compensation on various grounds, claiming the waste of time, money and efforts put in by consumers to monitor their credit transactions, and subsequent card replacement that occurred post-yesterday’s data breach. 


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Published Date: Apr 28, 2011 12:38 pm | Updated Date: Apr 28, 2011 12:38 pm