Sony Music Added to Apple's Cloud Music Service

Apple seems to be making major headways in incorporating their cloud music service by reaching agreements with three major recording labels. The latest major label to be added is Sony Music. According to a report by CNET, Apple signed a licensing agreement with EMI and the tech website previously reported that Warner Music Group had already signed a deal with Apple.

Sony joins Apple in the cloud

Sony joins Apple in the cloud


Anonymous sources have informed news agency Bloomberg that the new iTunes will enable users to store content on Apple’s servers and access it using the internet instead of saving songs into the devices’ memory. This service could be previewed as early as the 6th of June during Apple’s developer’s conference. The unnamed source goes on to say that Apple has already signed deals with Sony Music, EMI Group and Warner Music Group; the deal with Universal Music Group is said to be almost completed. It is said that record labels are depending on cloud music services to boost sales of digital music which have taken a dip in the past few years.

Apple’s spokeswoman Natalie Kerris and representatives of the music labels did not comment when asked about the deals.

Apple is the third to join the cloud music service with Amazon and Google already launching their services. However, Apple has the ability to offer a wider variety of features since they have gone about building their service with all licensing agreements in place.



Source: Bloomberg