Sony Might Introduce Blu-Ray Serial Keys for PS3 Games

So the PS3 has been hacked and its fortress pillaged, with fail0verflow detailing a security loophole and ‘retired’ iPhone hacker Geohot posting the root key, opening the floodgates for jailbreaks and custom firmware. The multiplayer element of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is also a complete mess at the moment and Activision have no clue on what to do to remedy the situation. However, the Sony Empire Struck Back by filing lawsuits against both Geohot and the fail0verflow team, demanding that the software that “infringed” on their copyrights be removed immediately. Now it seems they have something else up their sleeve as well.

Sony might just have run out of answers

According to Dutch website PS3 Sense, Sony are planning on introducing Blu-ray serial keys that need to be authenticated before people can play the game. Similar to downloads from the Playstation Store, this key can only be used five times and if you do run out uses, you’re out of luck.

Both you and me know to take this information with a pinch of salt, but this has got to be one of the poorest decisions in recent memory if true. In the name of security, Sony will manage to partially lock out pirates alright, but it will also manage to annoy a lot more legitimate users. Ubisoft tried this out in a more extreme way last year, and that didn’t turn out too well, did it? The used games market will also die a quick death, but that is something that publishers are trying to do already, via stuff like the EA Online Pass.

Let's just hope this rumour just passes by with nothing actually happening on the front, so that Sony can go back and come up with an actual proper solution.