Sony launching video binoculars a.k.a "vinoculars"

Sony's launching, what they're calling the world's first digital binoculars, labeling them 'vinoculars'. They will have a built-in high definition camera and will allow users to record what they're seeing, and then play their footage on a TV. For those with 3D TVs, the vinoculars will also record in 3D. The vinoculars will also use GPS to store the location of where exactly footage was shot, in addition to having auto-focus, steady shot technology and stereo sound.

With 3D recording, GPS and more

With 3D recording, GPS and more




Sony plans to mass launch the device in November and are targeting it for a price, anywhere between £1,500 and £2,000 (Rs.1,13,742 to Rs.1,51,656). They displayed the device at Birdfair, an annual festival for bird watchers in Rutland, UK. They hope that their vinoculars will appeal to bird watchers and other naturalists, as well as find use in security and policing. Users might use these vinoculars at concerts and sporting events to capture and relive their favourite moments.


This sounds pretty cool and all, but upon scouting the internet for 'digital binoculars', I found this pair from Chinavasion, which has video recording capabilities and an LCD screen for playback. What Sony is offering that's at least different from this pair is GPS and 3D recording.

Published Date: Aug 22, 2011 01:39 pm | Updated Date: Aug 22, 2011 01:39 pm