Sony Hackathon Continues

It seems that there is absolutely no respite for Sony. This time around the Sony Music Entertainment website in Japan has been hacked. Adding to Sony’s woes, user information from the Sony Ericsson Canadian eShop site has also been stolen. This comes shortly after we reported that the Sony Music websites in Greece and Indonesia were hacked.

Hacker posts message on Twitter

Hacker posts message on Twitter


In a statement issued by Sony on the attack in the Sony Ericsson website, a Sony Ericsson mobile spokesperson said in a statement to tech website CNET that records for about 2,000 customers including names, e-mail addresses and a hashed version of their passwords were compromised in the Canadian version of the Sony Ericsson eShop site. Sony has disabled this website as of now.

In response to the hack on the Greek web site Sony said that these sites are artist Web sites that allow fans to sign up for newsletters and have been taken down immediately. Approximately 8,500 records containing e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, user names, and passwords were obtained; however, the sites did not offer any commerce activity and therefore no credit card data was involved. The affected sites were hosted by a third party and were not part of the Sony Music Entertainment network. The statement goes on to say that Sony Music Entertainment Greece plans to re-launch the sites as soon as possible after further security review. When asked about the Japanese website a spokesperson said that the company was looking into the Sony Music Entertainment Japan intrusion.

A SQL injection method was supposedly used to hack in to these websites and it seems that hackers are targeting Sony for fun instead of actually trying to seize any information. A Lebanese hacker group named Idahca is supposedly responsible for the data theft from the Sony Ericsson eShop site. The message that appeared on the website says, “D'oh! The page you are looking for has gone walkabout. Sorry." The message that was posted on Pastebin by hacker group LulzSec regarding the Japanese web site intrusion reads "This isn't a 1337 h4x0r, (elite hack) we just want to embarrass Sony some more,” and "Stupid Sony, so very stupid.”

While the hacking of Sony websites continue, we feel a sense of pity for the company. But they really need to tighten up their security measures in dealing with something that has become a sort of a cat and mouse game. Let us know what you think regarding the on going hacks on Sony’s online services in the comments below.


To know more about the ongoing hacking of Sony services click the link here.


Source: CNET

Published Date: May 25, 2011 10:40 am | Updated Date: May 25, 2011 10:40 am