Sony Ericsson Launches Dedicated Channel in Android Market

As most of you Android users know, that in the Android Market you will find three headings – Apps, Games and My Apps. However, Sony Ericsson Android users will wake up to a pleasant surprise, when the Android Market is opened on their mobile phones they will find a dedicated Sony Ericsson channel coming in place of the My Apps. 


Sony Ericsson and Android have gone a step ahead in the Market

Sony Ericsson and Android have gone a step ahead in the Market



This gives Sony Ericsson the ability to sport the apps made by them and encourage apps made by their partners. This will be immensely useful to users as well as there will be no need to open up a separate app store to get hold of manufacture made apps. The dedicated channel will also be a good place to locate games you know will be built to take advantage of the Xperia Play’s hardware controls. LiveView, Sony Ericsson’s wearable technology, which displays phone notifications on its 1.3 inch screen, could really use a channel like this.


With Android phones, the customisation possibilities are getting better for mobile phone manufacturers. With Sony Ericsson setting up their dedicated channel, one would wonder how long it will be before other companies start doing the same. Only time will tell if other companies will follow suit.

Published Date: Apr 14, 2011 10:34 am | Updated Date: Apr 14, 2011 10:34 am