Daily Bread: Meet your culinary concierge

Tired of the drudgery of making dinner? Too busy to eat breakfast? Getting pudgy from eating lunch out all the time? What you need is a daily menu plan that will get you through the work week without breaking a sweat or piling on the flab. Your new Daily Bread mantra: eat well, eat right!

I’m Shaheen Peerbhai, food blogger, photographer, journalist, and once-upon-a-time baker. I am also your very own culinary concierge. My job: to put together a special menu every week that plans delicious meals, from Monday through Friday. I have scoured my cookbooks, recipe sites, and my own kitchen to assemble delicious, easy-to-make recipes for breakfast-on-the-go, packed lunches, and that dreaded end-of-a-long-workday dinner.

To make your life just that bit easier, I’ve created a weekend shopping list for dinner, which we will publish every Sunday along with the menu for the upcoming week. This way you never have to run to the store on your way home. And if you are allergic to all that planning, don’t worry, I will publish an individual shopping list for each dinner recipe during the week.

Goa Prawn curry. Image by RovingL from Flickr

Get ready for an array of flavours, both local and exotic, and some new and exciting dishes and techniques. In the process, you will realise that putting together a healthy, flavourful meal doesn’t really take much time or effort— it’s really a piece of cake.



The Daily bread menu: May 23rd-May 27th
Monday: Smoothies, Goan prawn curry
Tuesday: Greek salad, Baked mac and cheese with tomatoes
Wednesday: Banana bread, Kerala veggie stews
Thursday: Beef burgers with onion rings
Friday: Potato frittata


Shopping List
Here’s the shopping list for this week and for the big weekend meal. Remember that this shopping list is for the main dishes and not for the suggested accompaniments. It also assumes that you’ve got your basic ingredients in place as listed in our suggested pantry list.

Fruits and Vegetables
1 coconut
Green peas 


Feta cheese/cottage cheese/paneer
Cheddar cheese
Parmesan cheese
Meats and seafood:
500g prawns
500g ground beef 


Penne pasta
1 box of couscous
Dried oregano
Fresh basil herb
Malt vinegar
Ground ginger
Coconut milk
Appam ready mix

Shaheen writes about her quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and baking escapades on The Purple Foodie.

Published Date: May 22, 2011 06:00 am | Updated Date: May 22, 2011 08:45 am