Sony Confirms Stolen Credit Card Information

Sony has fallen victim to another attack with 12,700 debit or credit card information of users accounts being hacked from the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) network. According to reports emerging from the Japanese news site,, along with credit card information, it seems other information of users as well has been breached.

And now it is Sony Online Entertainment that has been attacked

And now it is Sony Online Entertainment that has been attacked


According to the report, around 4,300 credit card numbers are said to be Japanese. No word on the the source of the credit or debit card information is yet available.

In a statement by Sony, they believed that no SOE account information had been obtained. But later stated that the information had been stolen and they would notify users as soon as possible. They further went on to state that along with the 12,700 credit and debit card numbers; user’s expiration dates, names, birth dates and addresses also have been obtained.

Engineers along with security consultants investigating the hack into the PlayStation Network outage have discovered that information of more than 24.6 million SOE accounts and an outdated database has been stolen. Sony have confirmed the same.

Sony says that upon discovery of the breach, the Sony Online Entertainment was shut down. They also believed that the SOE was not part of the attacks on the PSN and Qriocity networks. 

Further information is expected from the Sony regarding the status of the SOE attack.

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Published Date: May 03, 2011 09:30 am | Updated Date: May 03, 2011 09:30 am