Sony announces 2012 Walkman range with Android 4.0 on F800 series


It has been quite some time since Sony announced new media devices in their Walkman series both globally and in local markets. It seems as if the company is focusing largely on boosting the output of their mobile devices in the smartphone category. However, the latest reports show that the Japanese electronics giant has just announced a slew of new PMPs under their once popular Walkman brand. Enter, the all new F800 Series smart PMPs. 


Like its rival Cowon, Sony has embraced the Android OS with its all new range of Walkman Mobile Entertainment Players to be launched. The new series will feature Android OS 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). The new F800 Series will also incorporate Sony's exclusive digital audio fidelity technologies that are designed to offer consumers a high-end audio experience. The new line-up also includes the Walkman E470 Series, the slimmest model in Walkman history. Other features include Clear Audio technologies and the integrated S-Master digital amplifier incorporated in the flagship F800 Series that is designed to reduce noise levels and distortion.


Android 4.0 featured on the Walkman F800

Android 4.0 featured on the Walkman F800




Sony Walkman F800 Series

According to the release, Sony claims that by being powered with Android 4.0, the web-enabled Walkman F800 Series will allow users to gain access to a range of pre-installed apps such as email and maps. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are included on board for access to downloadable content from the Google Play Store. The F800 Walkman device sports a 3.5 inch multi-touch screen coupled with, what Sony says is, plenty of processing power for smooth, speedy responses. The built in xLOUD speaker system for sharing audio playback has also been specifically designed to cut distortion and unpleasant clipping.


Sony Walkman E470 Series

Sony claims that this is the slimmest Walkman player to make it out of the company’s manufacturing plant, at just 7.0mm in thickness. The E470 will be made available in a metallic red or black finish. This model is equipped with a few “fun-features” such as karaoke mode, synchronized lyrics, and two pre-installed Tetris and Sudoku-like games, Puyo Pop Fever and NUMBER PLACE. The E470 comes with a 2 inch LCD display.


As of now, there is no information regarding an Indian launch of these devices. However, as Sony’s Walkman brand has been around on our shelves since quite some time, we speculate that an Indian launch of the these Android-powered PMPs is on the cards. Sony has not issued any formal statement regarding the launch of the device on other shores. The players will be making their store debut in August 2012 in the US and on the US online store The 16 GB F800 Series will retail for around $269.99 (Rs. 14,851) and the 32 GB for around $299.99 (Rs. 16,501). The 4 GB E470 Series will retail for about $79.99 (Rs. 4,399), the 8GB for about $89.99 (Rs. 4,950) and the 16GB for about $109.99 (Rs. 6,050).


Published Date: Jul 19, 2012 07:05 pm | Updated Date: Jul 19, 2012 07:05 pm