Some iOS 11 users are unable to type the letter 'I'; Apple acknowledges the problem and issues a workaround

A strange problem seems to have caught the attention of some iPhone users who have received the iOS 11 update. The problem is as follows; the software is unable to type capital letter ‘I’ from the keyboard.

iPhone X. Image: tech2/Rehan Hooda

iPhone X. Image: tech2/Rehan Hooda

This has lead to a flood of complaints on Twitter, where not only did the users complain; they also trolled the new update's problem.

According to Twitter complaints when the user types the letter it either shows a question mark in a box or letter ‘a’.

In response to this Apple has given a fix to the problem. Here the user can resort to text replacement. The user can go to settings>general>keyboard>text replacement.

In the search bar, the user has to type an uppercase “I”, whereas in the Shortcut section they can add in the phrase section the lowercase “i”.

Some believe that Google keyboard can be another alternative to this.

The iOS 11 update had arrived along with the launch of Apple flagship smartphone, iPhone X. The phone was released as a part of iPhone tenth anniversary event.

According to a recent report, iOS 11.2 beta update is coming with a new option of pricing for app developers. The developers can use this pricing scheme for new subscribers. This will be for new subscribers only. This would allow the subscribers to buy an app for a subsidised price for sometime. Apple actually takes 30 percent of the revenue garnered from these apps. By the second year, it decreased to fifteen percent.

The app which was announced during the WWDC 2017, would allow the developers to profit from this space. Though iOS 11 update was made public recently, its beta program was doing the rounds since June. It comes with new camera enhancements, and an ARKit to support augmented reality, new emojis and wallpapers.


Published Date: Nov 07, 2017 21:15 PM | Updated Date: Nov 07, 2017 21:30 PM