Some 50 Ultrabooks, Ivy Bridge likely to be launched at CES 2012

Earlier this year at CES, Intel unveiled their Sandy Bridge platform. In January, 2012, Intel has the Ivy Bridge lineof processors planned, but more interestingly, it is the Ultrabooks, which should make a big appearance. Some 50 Ultrabooks are expected to be shown by notebook manufacturers. PC Pro was present at the CES Unveiled event held in London where Shawn DuBravac, Director of Research for show organisers was speaking. He mentioned that he expected to see between 30 to 50 Ultrabooks launched at CES, in the coming year. While there have already been some Ultrabook launches internationally, Intel expects the upcoming Ivy Bridge platform to suit the Ultrabooks better.

Extremely thin and lightweight Ultrabook

Many more to come



Intel is also expected to show off the new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors at the event. Ultrabooks and tablets are expected to be the star of CES show. At the show this year, some 100 tablets were unveiled across brands. Customers across the United States are more likely to purchase tablets, followed by notebooks. Despite tough economic conditions around the world, Gary Shapiro, CEO, CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) said that the consumer electronics market would stand its ground.

Published Date: Nov 19, 2011 03:31 pm | Updated Date: Nov 19, 2011 03:31 pm