SOCOM 4 Beta Access in Killzone 3

This February, when Killzone 3 hits stores exclusively for the PS3, certain lucky gamers could receive an invite for the multiplayer beta of developer Zipper Interactive’s tactical SOCOM series. According to Sony's official PlayStation Blog, they're marking both special and regular editions of Killzone 3 for beta invites so it doesn’t really matter which edition you pick up. The beta will kick off on an undisclosed date and go on till an undisclosed date. Umm... ok then, Sony.

Do you need any more incentive to pick Killzone 3 up?

In case you’ve not heard of the SOCOM series till date, SOCOM 4 is a tactical action game in the vein of a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter title. Players will navigate the battlefield controlling a team of hardened veterans to whom they can issue a bunch of orders from flanking to attacking to suppressing. SOCOM 4 will also feature Move support, a feature which I’m not too sure fits in with such a game.

Published Date: Jan 20, 2011 11:37 am | Updated Date: Jan 20, 2011 11:37 am