Snapchat's cool new tool for marketers will help track the effects of its ads on customers

After going public, Snap is now ready to roll out its 'Snap to Store' tool to advertiser, a tool which it has been testing for a year with a small group of marketers. The new tool will basically help brands see how well Snapchat's geofiltered ads perform among users, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Snap has been testing its 'Snap to Store' tool with clients like Paramount Pictures and 7-Eleven. In fact, the company's S-1 filings which were produced before it went public showcased how a sponsored geofiltered ad promoting a Wendy's sandwich drove over 42,000 people to visit one of the burger chain's locations withing seven days.

It was proof of concept back then, and now that Snap is confident it works, is bringing it to more marketers than before. Snap to Store is available for free to advertisers who “reach a certain spending threshold with Snapchat” without Snapchat specifying the amount (obviously).

The goal is to run ads on Snapchat and then gather data to check whether the advertising campaign did what it was supposed. Else it could reveal to marketers some other interesting information as to how its customers react to ads revealing new consumer patterns and behaviour.

Snapchat will only give away data if a user opens the Snapchat app at a given location, which means it is not collecting data when people don't use it. As always, users are given the option to opt-in to sharing location data.

Published Date: Apr 14, 2017 06:43 pm | Updated Date: Apr 14, 2017 06:43 pm