Smart cover security flaw found in iPad 2s running iOS 5

Earlier this month Apple rolled out the much awaited iOS 5 to the world. At the time many people were facing an issue while trying to upgrade their iOS devices. But now since most people have got it, certain flaws or rather issues are surfacing with the latest firmware update. According to a report by 9to5Mac, after the Siri issue, a new flaw has come up wherein any person with a smart cover can unlock another person’s iPad 2, even though they have the passcode lock on.

According to a video by the Apple related website, if a person keeps their iPad on with the screen showing the message ‘Slide to Power Off,’ another person with an Apple Smart cover can essentially unlock the first person’s iPad. However, the access they gain is limited depending on what is shown on the dock at the bottom.  The report states, “If your iPad 2 went to sleep in Mail, Safari, Messages, Contacts, or Maps, you can imagine the sorts of personal information that can be viewed on your iPad. If you left your iPad 2 on its Home screen, the person can view which applications you have on your device, control media from the multitasking bar, but not much else.” One can fix this issue temporarily by disabling the Smart Cover unlocking on their iPad 2 in the settings menu.

We really hope that Apple comes up with a fix for this issue soon. Let us know your reactions on this issue in iOS 5 in the comments below.