Skype for Windows desktop, Mac updated with improved video messaging

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows desktop – Skype for Windows Desktop 6.5. And this comes just a couple of days after a refreshed version was rolled out for Windows 8 users.

In this new version, Skype continues to improve the video messaging feature that is in preview, and prod users to try it. The feature allows users to share their life moments with contacts, regardless of whether they are offline or online. Specifically for this version, Skype claims to have improved the stability of video messaging and made it simpler to find with improved notifications, like it did for its update for Windows 8 users.


New version for Windows desktop here!


The updated version has also made the process of sending and accepting contact requests more intuitive – accepting a contact requests will show up in the instant message view. 

In addition to the above mentioned features, the updated version also includes fixes to some previously known issues. There persisted an issue with the file transfer feature earlier, whereby hitting cancel all did not cancel file transfer, and instead showed as completed successfully. Also, when one participant accepted the file transfer request, the sender would be unable to cancel it, owing to the glitch.

There were some network issues previously. Users would not be notified upon losing connection in the call toolbar. Users also faced issues with keyboard navigation, owing to which "add phone number" could not be accessed with keyboard.

In addition to the above mentioned, Skype for Windows desktop faced some stability issues too. Like, when users tried selecting an offline contact and clicking on call phone, Skype sued to get hung. It crashed for some users upon exiting and for some when they tried to send a file.


Alongside its update for Windows desktop, Skype has launched a version of its service for Mac users. Skype for Mac 6.5 too features improvements to video messaging feature. Specifically for this release, Skype has removed the title and descrption, in addition to experience optimisations on the back end.

The updated version of Skype for Mac now also features easier ways to call. Those using the updated version can now paste a number directly into the in-call dial pad.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 12:46 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 12:46 pm