Skype confirms bug sending random messages to wrong contacts

According to reports, a bug has been discovered in the popular video-calling service, Skype, which in a very strange fashion has been found sending instant messages to the wrong people on a user's contact list. Few users went on to post the strange occurrence on Skype's  Support Network.


A user "SunnyLady78" stated, "I am really surprised and shocked how it has happened. When I did last one Skype upgrade in June 2012 It has become to work very strange. Sometimes when I open chat window with some contact, It lists all latest messages from that person although I have already read them. Few days ago one friend from my contact list has received few messages I had already received before from other my skype contact. It seemed these messages were sent by me. It is really confusing. I have no history option in privacy section and cleared all my cookies. How can I protect my privacy? If I make skype upgrade, can these problems arrise due to upgrade? (that somehow messages are mixed and sent to other contacts)?"

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Bug in Skype sends random messages to wrong contacts



Another user going by the name "bla84" wrote, "The exact same thing has happened to me, except that I was the recipient of two lines of chat which were exchanged between my contact and one of his contacts. I am not connected to my friend's contact. Strangely enough, the two messages were actually sent today on July 11, 2012 (Beijing time), but when I logged in to Skype this morning, the two messages appeared in the chat history with my contact, and it recorded it as being sent on July 10. If it is of any use, I just updated to the latest version of Skype (I received the two messages after logging in with the updated version), while my contact was also using the latest Italian version of Skype. This is very disturbing and a serious breach of privacy, please address the issue immediately."


Skype has, on its blog, confirmed the issue of a bug sending instant messages to wrong contacts and has promised a fix. Addressing the issue, Skype wrote, "Based on recent Skype customer forum posts and our own investigation over the past couple of days, we have identified a bug that we are working hard to fix." Elaborating further on the bug, Skype explains, "This issue occurs only when a user's Skype client crashes during a Skype IM session, which may in some cases result in the last IM entered or sent prior to the crash being delivered to a different IM contact after the Skype client is rebooted or logged in as a new user."


Further, Skype added that although it cannot be stated for sure as to how many users have been affected by this bug, "the number is small given the very specific circumstances under which the error occurs."


The Skype clients affected by the bug include Skype 5.9 and 5.10 for Windows, Skype 5.8 for Mac, Skype 4.0 for Linux, Skype 1.2 for Windows Phone, Skype 2.8 for Android, Skype 4.0 for iOS. Skype has also asked all its customers to download the latest client, as soon as the update with a fix is available. 

Published Date: Jul 17, 2012 10:53 am | Updated Date: Jul 17, 2012 10:53 am