Skitch for Windows Desktop gets a major UI update

Skitch for Windows Desktop has been updated with a new look. Now, in version 2.0, Skitch as a new interface that is visibly clean and comes with additional sharing capabilities. Skitch 2.0 for Windows Desktop bears a clean design, wherein users can showcase their images and the tools to annotate them.

Gets a cleaner, simpler look

Gets a cleaner, simpler look



On the new Skitch, the Capture menu is at the centre, using which users can quickly take a screenshot of their screen or add content. Skitch now has new Undo/Redo buttons on the left of the Capture menu; these can be used to edit annotations. In essence, Evernote claims that the Skitch update allows users to focus on their content.  


On the updated app, those with an Evernote account can share links to their Skitch images via email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook directly from the app. Users have to just log in to their Evernote account and then pick their favourite method from the Share menu. 


In addition to the appearance tweaks, Evernote adds that Skitch 2.0 for Windows Desktop is "noticeably snappier". Those looking to give this a try can head over to the site to download it. The Windows Store version should be coming soon too. 


An update that came  to Skitch in March last year allowed users to share their Skitch for Mac files with Evernote. With one click, users can send their annotated images, screenshots and ideas into Evernote and share them through the Skitch sharing interface. Evernote sharing for Skitch existed prior to that on Android and the iPad and due to consumer demand, Evernote decided to bring the function over to its Mac app. To set up Evernote sharing on Mac, either click on the elephant icon along the top of the app or go to Settings and choose Evernote in the sharing options. Once you have it set up, your images will go straight to Evernote. Also, now that Skitch for Mac can save images to Evernote; all of the photos, screenshots, maps and mockups you choose will be available on any of your devices. Skitch for Mac is available through the Mac App Store. 

Lets you share!

Skitch 2.0 - Lets you share!



Evernote acquired Skitch in 2011. At the time, Evernote said that with this first acquisition, it aims to bring all individual services under one hood. Alongside its acquisition debut, Evernote also rolled out Skitch for Android. The first Skitch mobile application essentially allowed users to capture, annotate and share images.


Skitch was introduced for the iPad months later in 2011. Skitch for iPad has its own web browser designed to help users mark up any webpages they encounter. After tapping the Web icon, users can either go directly to a URL or type in a search. After finding the desired page, the Snap icon can be tapped to have an image of the webpage that can be annotated. This can be used to provide feedback on a web project or to point out directions on a map.