Six million Galaxy S4 devices shipped, says Samsung

Whoa there! Samsung has claimed to have broken its own record by shipping over six million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 since its launch on April 26. This is by far the fastest rate at which a Galaxy S series phone has ever sold.

While there was no doubt about the Samsung Galaxy S4 being a smash hit in the international markets, the staggering number of devices shipped has taken everyone by surprise. Samsung confirmed via a Korean website Chosun Ilbo that it had indeed shipped six million S4 phones to the markets.

The Misty White version of the Galaxy S4

Six million shipped!


Interestingly, there were four million Galaxy S4s shipped between April 26 and April 30 alone. It took another ten days for the Korean company to ship two million more devices. “As of the end of April, we supplied four million Galaxy S4 handsets to telecommunication operators around the world. As of Friday, we have sold more than 6 million units, and we predict that we could break the 10-million mark by as early as the end of this month,” an executive from Samsung told the Korean website.

These figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt, though. When Samsung says six million devices “sold”, it could well mean that they’ve been packed off to retailers and operators rather than to the consumers. 

But it shouldn’t take away the fact that Samsung has indeed set a staggering record. For perspective, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 took 21 days to hit the three million units sold mark, the S2 took 55 days to achieve the milestone while the original Galaxy S took 85 days to reach the three million mark.

So, will Samsung be able to stick to its target of shipping 10 million Galaxy S4s by the end of this month? It looks like a new record is about to be smashed, folks! 

Published Date: May 16, 2013 19:38 PM | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 19:38 PM