Siri stars in its first TV ad

Siri, the voice recognition-based assistant for Apple’s iPhone 4S gets its first video. And this time, it’s no hands on or user-based review -  it’s an official TV advert by Apple. And why not, Siri is the main USP of the iPhone 4S that Apple is counting on, so they’ve dedicated a full thirty second advertisement.


Siri, a star in the making?

Siri, a star in the making?



The video shows how Siri helps assist people in life’s day to day problems. Whether it’s something as simple as ‘I have a flat tyre’, ‘remind me to call Marc in 30 minutes’ or ‘I’m locked out’, Siri helps you out. All you need to do is talk. But, don’t get too overjoyed, because if you’re in India, you’ll have to wait for Siri’s full functionality.

So far, Siri has been impressive, but, as mentioned earlier, security issues are propping up, with one being able to make phone calls even if the phone is locked. The software looks pretty impressive, but what do you think, will iPhone 4S’ Siri define how we interact with smartphones, or it’s just plain weird to talk ‘to’ a phone?

And for those just wanting to enjoy the advertisement, you can watch it below.