Siri hacked to work on any device

Though Apple does not plan to bring iPhone 4S’ most celebrated Siri personal voice assistant feature to other iOS devices, Applidium has managed to get it to work on any device. Since the launch of the newest iPhone, Siri has become the most talked about attribute for reasons, both good and bad.

Siri may be coming to older iOS devices as well

Siri to work on any device


The app maker has now managed to crack open Siri and use its recognition engine on any device. So, now Siri won’t just work on iPads and iPhones, but also on Android devices and laptops. The guys at Applidium managed to talk to Siri without the 4S in picture. However, Siri’s backend requires a valid iPhone 4S unique identification string. Now, spoofing a string from the real 4S cannot be noticed by Apple, according to reports.

Applidium has described the process and also shared some tools to develop apps using this voice-enabled feature. These tools are in languages like Ruby, C and Objective-C. Though not completely perfect, they are beneficial enough to develop Siri-based apps. It even further encourages its tech readers to build an app using these tools.