Siri faces second mass outage, up and running again

The highlighted feature of this year’s Apple’s iPhone is its Siri function. This is the technology, which supposedly sets the iPhone 4S apart from its competition. However, just after the handset was launched, it faced some downtime as people could not get it to respond to their voice commands. This issue has sprung up and affected users, once again. According to a report by CNET, iPhone 4S users began complaining on Twitter that the voice recognition service was unresponsive.

Goes off, comes on again!

Goes off, comes on again!


When asked a question using Siri, the voice assistant feature responded by saying that it could not connect to the network. When contacted regarding the outage by the website, Apple had not responded. Though Siri has faced issues since it has been launched, in the form of not being able to recognize certain accents and these outages, it is worth mentioning that as of now Siri is still in its beta stage. So these issues are expected.

However, this outage did not last for long and people have said that their Siri is up and responding once again. Hopefully, by the time the iPhone 4S launches in India, the Siri feature will be active and will not face these niggling issues, since many may end up depending on it.

Published Date: Nov 04, 2011 01:24 pm | Updated Date: Nov 04, 2011 01:24 pm