Siri competitor comes as AISHA on the Micromax A50 Superphone Ninja

While the world is still swooning over Siri and her incredible intelligence, another brand has launched a smartphone with the prowess of artificial intelligence through voice recognition. The competitor to Siri comes from Micromax in entry level smartphone, the A50 Superphone Ninja which features a surprising feature in tow, AISHA (Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant). The brand claims AISHA is an application that translates words into action. One can use this feature by merely talking to the phone. The users can connect with the people, businesses and activities that are important to them with AISHA if they need to check the weather conditions and for example all they just need to ask is ‘What is the weather in Delhi’ and AISHA will respond saying 'The weather will be sunny.' To start using AISHA, an internet connection and a Google account is required. Once the internet connection has been configured on the phone, just tap on Aisha to bring up the Aisha interactive screen and you can start issuing voice commands

Voice recognition feature comes in the form of AISHA

Voice recognition feature comes in the form of AISHA


A50 runs on Android version 2.3.6 Gingerbread with a processor speed of 650 MHz .The phone features a 3.1-inch multi-touch capacitive screen to provide ease to the users. It is a dual-SIM Android powered offering from Micromax. With the A50, Micromax offers a new innovation to the user in form of AISHA. Through the voice recognition tool, users can initiate a Google search, view stock market details, know phone status, movie reviews, make calls, read news of desired locations, view horoscopes, make language translations and also view recipes. AISHA also helps one to inquire about their missed calls, send message, inquire date and time, weather conditions, and pose knowledge questions.

Here is a quick look at the features of this handset:


  • Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
  • 3.1-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant, AISHA
  • Dual SIM, 3G
  • Wi-Fi, GPRS connectivity, Bluetooth
  • 2MP Rear Camera
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Memory storage capacity expandable up to 32GB

For the smooth functioning of AISHA in providing an intelligent and immediate response, Micromax has back-end tied up with Indian portals such as, etc They go on to state that through AISHA, the users can update their status on Facebook and Twitter. A50 comes on the Gingerbread platform and the users can discover a hub of apps that awaits them at the Google Play Store ranging from entertainment to music apps.

Micromax claims that with a price tag of 4,999, the Micromax A50 Superphone Ninja makes an effort to provide an affordable smartphone solution for the masses who have longed for a phone which is not just smart but an intelligent device. For more information on this handset, click here.