Siemens Launches the Gigaset A590 Handset in India

Siemens Gigaset today announced the launch of its newest product for the Indian market. The Gigaset A590 offers a long standby time of 100 hours, handsfree functions as well as excellent sound quality. Thanks to DECT technology and switched-mode power supplies, the phone saves energy and reduces the transmitting power by 100 percent in idle or recharging mode.

Wanna make a call

Wanna make a call


The phone also has 9 function keys which ensures high functionality as well as having space for 50 entries for the cordless phone and 100 for the desktop phone. Those with multiple handsets can register up to 4 phones with base station and have a range of 50 metres while indoors, and an outdoor range of upto 300 meters. Users can also make free internal calls with 2 registered phones.

At the launch, Shahzad Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer - Middle East, Africa and India Gigaset Communications GmbH said, “India is a growing market and has shown consistent growth, which has encouraged us to enhance the existing range of Gigaset Cordless instruments. As the European market leader in cordless phones and a premium manufacturer, we look forward to providing innovative and high quality products to a discerning and growing Indian consumer base. Within a very short time period we will further gain significant market share and shape the market to the benefit of the Indian customers and shall launch more models”.

The Siemens Gigaset A590 will retail for an MRP of Rs. 3,790.