Short film uses Google Maps Street View for footage

Here is an example of how technology gets charming. The video embedded below is that of a short film entitled, "Address is Approximate". What's unique about the video is that it uses Google Maps' Street View feature for a lot of its footage. The video was created independently by Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp, two Englishmen working at their own commercial production company, The Theory. The video represents a desk robot that comes to life after the office closes for the day. He has a desire to travel to California, and in an endearing sequence, uses Google Street View to travel in stop motion from New York to California, showing the beauty of the various types of the North American country side on the way. To add to the charm, the music used is by The Cinematic Orchestra, with their tune, "Arrival of the Birds".




According to the Washington Post, the video has been viewed by and has impressed a lot of people, including Google's own Larry Page. Page even posted on his Google+ saying, "It’s poetic and charming, so wanted to share it — StreetView meets Toy Story.” To execute the video, Jenkins and Sharp used a Canon 5d MkII and hooked it up to Dragon Stop Motion, a software program they purchased for the project. They polished up the video in Adobe After Effects and edited in Avid Media Composer.