Shazam updates iPhone app with new UI and sharing on Google+

Shazam has recently announced the launch of Shazam 5.5, the latest update to the Shazam Free, Encore and (RED) Apps on iPhone and iPod touch devices. With this new update now available for downloading, users will have a new UI ,which includes an updated listening screen as well as larger album artwork. Other new features include automatic resubmission, My Tag search, sharing on Google+ and an improved experience for the visually impaired.

Now features a new UI

Now features a new UI



The developers claim that when Shazam users update their phone to iOS 6.0, then download the Shazam update, they get access to features that include:

  • A new UI featuring an updated listening screen - Shazam has replaced the "sweep" action with an updated blue Shazam dial that responds to music
  • Larger album artwork - When looking at new tag results for music or TV ads or shows, the artwork is larger, improving the media results as well as providing users with easy-to-access buttons to listen to a sample and purchase from iTunes
  • Automatic resubmission - If users are in a poor reception area, they no longer have to manually resubmit their tags when they get to a better reception area, and a notification will be shown in iOS Notification Center
  • My Tag Search - The new search function makes it easy to find specific tags with a search by name, title, tag date or location
  • Sharing on Google+ - Shazam's users can now share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Magic Tap - People who are visually impaired can start tagging immediately by simply doing a two-finger double-tap from anywhere in the Shazam App, when VoiceOver is enabled

All versions of Shazam for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch come with unlimited tagging, giving fans more opportunities to engage with music and television content. For people who don't yet have the Shazam App, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

To download Shazam for your iOS device, click here. The app is free of cost and the file size is 8.1MB.

In April, it was reported that Shazam, the music recognition service that is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Nokia and surprise surprise, Windows Phone 7, optimised its iOS application for the iPad. The app also supports the Retina Display that comes with the latest iPads. With Shazam, you not only are able to discover music that you like, you can also stream lyrics in time with the music with LyricPlay. The service is available on over 30,000 tracks and Shazam says that they're adding more all the time. You can share the soundtrack of your day on Facebook and Twitter, as well as watch YouTube videos of the band and song you've tagged. You can find tour dates for the bands and artists you're into as well as find concert clips. Shazam also allows you to manage your music - you can see your iTunes playlists and create new playlists on the go.

With Shazam, you can select your favourite songs and hide ones that you don't like and don't want to hear (much like the thumbs down symbol in Pandora). You can add to your music by buying new songs on iTunes from within the app itself. You can view your music by artist, album and/or title and use the Track Tray to see all the Shazam features available for each song.

Published Date: Dec 13, 2012 11:02 am | Updated Date: Dec 13, 2012 11:02 am