Sharp to Introduce New Multi-Screen Display System

Sharp Corporation has developed a new multi-screen display system that achieves the world’s thinnest System Frame Width of 6.5 mm. This new display system will be introduced into the Japanese market in August of this year.

This multi-screen display system is built around the new PN-V601 60V-inch professional LCD monitor, which uses Sharp’s proprietary LCD technology to significantly reduce the width of the monitor’s bezel. The width of the bezels between neighboring displays is a mere 6.5 mm, making the seams where individual LCD monitors join unobtrusive. This enables practical applications such as single large-screen video wall displays and creates new possibilities in presentation spaces not available using conventional approaches.

Sharp will continue to create unique, one-of-a-kind products based on its proprietary LCD technologies. Sharp will also work to build network-based content distribution systems to offer optimal solutions to meet the needs of customers and their applications.

Major Features of the Multi-Screen Display System

1. World’s thinnest System Frame Width: 6.5 mm

  • This multi-screen system uses Sharp’s new PN-V601 60V-inch professional-use LCD monitor, which is designed to make the seams (joins) between bezels unobtrusive and enable large multi-screen displays to be created.
  • For example, a large display with a screen size equivalent to 103V inches on the diagonal can be configured by arranging three PN-V601 LCD monitors side-by-side in portrait orientation. Shipping, as well as handling during installation, is done on the basis of smaller individual units, making it even easier to introduce large multi-screen display systems.

PN-V601 bezel width

  • Main unit: right side and bottom: 2.4 mm; left side and top: 4.1 mm
  • (width of bezels between neighboring displays: 6.5 mm)

2. LED backlight gives more uniform brightness when configuring multi-screen display systems

  • The PN-V601 features a full-array LED backlight. Arranging the LED elements in an evenly spaced array improves the uniformity of brightness compared to conventional CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights. The result is reduced unevenness in brightness over the entire display area when creating multi-screen configurations.

Other Features

  • Enlarge function (zoom). (Up to 25 monitors [5 x 5 configuration])
  • Combining the optional PN-ZR01 Control Kit with multiple PN-V601 LCD monitors provides the ability to control all displays using a single remote control unit.
  • High energy efficiency by controlling the brightness of the backlight via a brightness sensor to match the lighting at the installation location .
  • Adding the optional Interface Expansion Board (PN-ZB02) provides additional inputs, including DVI-D, component video, and LAN.

Published Date: Jun 07, 2010 03:31 pm | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2010 03:31 pm