Sharkoon announces the Tactix Gaming Keyboard

Sharkoon expands their assortment for PC gamers with another gaming keyboard: The Sharkoon Tactix Gaming Keyboard, which comes with an 18-key rollover, interchangeable WASD and Arrow keys.


The black keyboard eliminates the need for multimedia keys and offers compact dimensions of 431 x 136 x 24 mm for a space saving design. Delivery also includes a handy, detachable wrist rest. The Sharkoon Tactix supports N-key rollover for up to 18 keys, now several key commands can simultaneously be performed quickly and precisely during action-packed gaming situations. Important for gamers is that the WASD and Arrow keys are highlighted in a non-slip rubber blue coating. For users who prefer a more discreet design, keys are in the default layout together with replacement tool.


Also included is a software CD for setting up user profiles and drivers for the keyboard. The 107 function keys can be optionally assigned, for example, with Macro, Mouse, Internet, Office, Media or other program functions. Overall, a total of ten different profiles each with three sub-levels can be created for different applications and environments. 

The Sharkoon Tactix Gaming Keyboard

The Sharkoon Tactix Gaming Keyboard



Every single key on the keyboard can be configured for some or the other function. Every key can also be configured to run a macro, with the help of the software provided in the CD. The keys on the keyboard can be programmed to run functions normally restricted to the mouse.


The keyboard can be set up to have shortcuts for Office, with shortcuts such as Open Word, Open Excel, and Open Powerpoint. The keyboard can also have shortcuts for Internet browsing, with shortcuts for Open E-mail, Back, Foward, Home, and Refresh. The keyboard also supports shortcuts for media players such as Play/ Pause, Stop, Next Track, and Previous Track.


Here are some of the hardware features of the keyboard, according to Sharkoon:


  • Compact gaming keyboard
  • 8 swappable gaming keys
  • Additional customization software
  • Supported operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit)


Some of the software features of the keyboard, according to Sharkoon are:


  • Special customization software for games and other applications (e.g. Photoshop, Windows, browser etc.)
  • N-key rollover support
  • Fully programmable keys
  • Supports 10 different profiles with 3 layers each
  • Programmable keys can record: macros, macro loops, media functions, internet functions, keystrokes, mouse functions, delay time etc.


End-users an find the Sharkoon Tactix Gaming Keyboard available for the suggested retail price of 12.99 (roughly Rs. 900) with authorized retailers.

Published Date: Jul 24, 2012 06:56 pm | Updated Date: Jul 24, 2012 06:56 pm