Sexiest Gadgets for Guys

Do you get more than your wanted share of the “normal” stuff that guys have been showing off everyday? Phones, mp3 players, laptops, cameras, watches and the likes… Don’t you wish that you had something that could just make them shut up? Well, you can use an I-made-my-own-gadget thing that’ll make them go “Whoa! Dude, that’s really cool!!”

So, what do we have on display today? Just some crazy stuff, that is either already available in the market or is in the making. These are not things that you would actually think of, calculate the price, decide the date of purchase and when it hits the stores you just go get them!! Rather, they’re things that you just see at a store, scratch your noggin for a second or two, think ‘will this make that crazy show-off’s eyeballs fall to the ground? I guess they will!’ and then finally ask, “How much for that?”

The list as mentioned earlier has a few concepts too, but then, there might be things that you would like to have which either the geniuses haven’t thought of or they might be waiting for an idea from you, so please let us know as to what gadgets would you like to see in the near future!

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Published Date: Jul 09, 2010 08:12 am | Updated Date: Jul 09, 2010 08:12 am