Say hello to Thimble, Mozilla's simple website creator

Mozilla has announced a simple website creator called Thimble, which allows users to publish sites written in HTML and CSS from the browser itself. Mozilla Thimble makes it simple to make stuff on the web. It lets you make your own real, fully functional web pages in minutes and host and share them with a single click allowing you to sharpen your web skills, along the way. Thimble basically targets those wanting to create their own websites and even if you don’t know HTML or CSS (which, for the record, are the building blocks of the web) you can create your own websites. All you need to do is just type on the left, then see what the finished page will look like on the right. Thimble also helps check your work as you go, providing a simple “spell check” for code to help you spot and squash errors instantly.


Create your website in a jiffy!

Create your website in a jiffy!



Thimble is webmaking made easy. It’s an intuitive visual editor that lets you write and edit HTML right in your browser, preview and correct your work, and then publish and share fully functional web pages with a single click. Thimble removes many of the barriers for novice users trying to learn code, and includes a series of starter projects and templates to help anyone get started quickly. We did use the app briefly and it looks pretty nifty and user friendly. For those with even basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, Thimble may be of great use and if used effectively, will help you create your website pretty quick. The inbuilt templates are there to start you off as well. 


Mozilla is a non-profit organization with a belief that everyone should be able to make and share with the open web. But creating, hosting or tweaking your own stuff is often still too difficult - with obstacles, like learning HTML and CSS, struggling with servers to preview your work, or figuring out where your content will live online. Thimble clears away those barriers, making it easier to create your own projects quickly and learn web skills in a way that’s easy, visual and fun. Go ahead, join the fun by clicking here

Published Date: Jun 19, 2012 01:24 pm | Updated Date: Jun 19, 2012 01:24 pm